Highly Customizable Wealth solutions

Build Strong Relationship and Smarter Your Customer optimization using E-Wealth Management

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Customized Investment Strategy

Our wealth management solutions comprise easy-to-use software that enables different advisors to see their clients’ financial status before tailoring advice to the clients’ requirements.

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Wealth management combines both financial planning and specialized financial services

  • Personal retail banking services
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Investment management services
  • Occasional assistance with choosing investment products
  • Fully automated or hybrid investment advice
  • Traditional discretionary portfolio management of individual client assets


Improve and Streamline Your Business.

Calculate client risk, return, profit & loss and other important parameters from time to time and correct manner for customers and their investment portfolios.

A Seamless Solution to keep and manage your customers investment data securely and neatly. One Step Solution for your Customer's Investments Management. Management of all customers details over single application.

Be the Customer’s Favourite Bank.

Access valuable client profiles over all products and business lines. With intelligent insights, employees can recognize new possibilities to retain prospects, convert more leads, and create customers for life.

Ease in Transaction process for your Investor with Purchase, Redeem, Switch or Start SIP in very convenient way.

Performance mapping using gross sale for every month on statistics. View top investors, top schemes sold and amount of investment.

Nourish deeper relations by being in touch with proactive tracking and alerts that remind you to reach out whenever your clients need you.

Account Opening

Achieve Your Customers Financial Goals by Getting the right Investment Plan with our Risk Analysis and suggest investment accordingly. Easy Account Opening and Onboarding with BSE using our Solution. Auto generation of form and more.

Wealth Management Software from AYN Infotech

Our software will give you every single detail of your assets. Our software aims in improving business decisions, revamp performance and enhance customer interaction. Our software will be helping you in removing the financial stress and gives you complete relaxation at the time of retirement too.

Deliver Customize Service Every Time.

Connect with customers, and create more effective relationships by engaging in micro-moments, answering to timely account signals, and co-operating across with key life goals.

Personalized Solutions as Per the Client's Goals.

communications with valuable customer profiles focused on private goals and pivotal life events.

Our Features

Wealth management is a long term investment that grows with time. Wealth management is an investment-advisory discipline which incorporates financial planning,

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